sö î hèãrd ÿôū łįkê gùÿś wìth áçćėñtš



gazes apathetically at asphalt

Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people.
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omggggg. i have woken up so fucking horny and williams just lying there asleep. wake up. and. fuck me



"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"




Also I don’t see enough white feminists giving credit to Nicki Minaj beyond the interview of her doing her eyeliner.  Did you guys forget that she recognized and IDed as cisgender, and recognized that vagina does not equal womanhood, when she called herself a “woman with vagina.”  And that asshole talk show host laughed and said “as opposed to a women without one?” and she gave him a the meanest look and said “yes.” We need to gif that. 

do you guys also miss the fact she totally body shames a load of people in her new song? in an attempt to make other people feel better about their own? are we going backwards here? why do some people find it so easy to ignore these things? recognise them.



Being drunk does not excuse cheating.

Being drunk does not excuse rape.

Being drunk does not excuse being an asshole.

Being drunk does not excuse shitty and destructive behavior.

Being drunk is not an excuse.

Control yourself or don’t drink.



advice: never cheat on anyone and don’t put up with someone who cheated on you. there is no excuse for it, ever. either be faithful or don’t be in a committed relationship.