5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of this months Rock Sound. Well, actually they’re on four covers of Rock Sound this month, as Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael have been given one each to promote their eight-page spread in the magazine.

Unsurprisingly, The Internet has…

I feel so fucking disgusting but I’m constantly torn between being unable to believe someone could want me and no one else / and feeling angry that I feel that way about myself because it’s not my fault that I do and considering everything I should be aware I deserve more than to fucking feel like that still


someone pls be my friend

75,711 plays


i’m not the kind of fool 
who’s gonna sit and sing to you
about stars, girl

but last night i looked up into
the dark half of the blue
and they’d gone backwards


This is what I want in life

colored pencils

had such a fucking horrible day today and i really wanted it to end with something to make it all a bit better




do not flirt with women when they are at work

do not take advantage of women who are in situations where they cannot say no or be blunt

#im a barista not your goddamn girlfriend take your coffee and leave


clueless (1995)

i am 99.999% sure that literally everyone knows steve irwin is australian